WBEZ 91.5 Awards

2011 Awards

AP Illinois Awards
Robert Wildeboer, WBEZ-FM, Chicago.

Alex Keefe, WBEZ-FM, Chicago.
2nd Place: Linda Lutton, WBEZ-FM, Chicago.
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Inside & Out," Cate Cahan, Robert Wildeboer, Sam Hudzik, Gabriel Spitzer, Adriene Hill and Linda Paul.
2nd Place: WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Chicago Takes on Bad Developers," Ashley Gross, Cate Cahan.
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Love of the Game Drives Youth Soccer Club," Chip Mitchell, Julia McEvoy.
2nd Place: WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "The 1985 Bears: Celebrating," Jason Marck, Aurora Aguilar and Katie O’Brien
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Inside and Out," Cate Cahan, Robert Wildeboer, Sam Hudzik, Gabriel Spitzer, Adriene Hill and Linda Paul.
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Rent or Buy? One Reporter Tries to Sort it Out for Herself," Ashley Gross, Cate Cahan.
2nd Place: WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Petitions for Mayor Can be Turned in Today: Collecting Thousands of Signatures is no Easy Task," Sam Hudzik, Cate Cahan.
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Chicago Charter Schools Struggle to Hold Onto Weakest Students," Linda Lutton, Sarah Karp, Cate Cahan.
2nd Place: WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Many Hit-and-Run Spectators, Few Witnesses," Chip Mitchell and Julia McEvoy.
2nd Place: WBEZ-FM, Chicago," "Un-Ditching the Creek," Gabriel Spitzer and Cate Cahan.

National Headliner Awards
First place: WBEZ.org Steve Edwards WBEZ-FM, Chicago, Ill.

Second place: “Continuing Coverage of Ex-Illinois Governor Blagojevich” Robert Wildeboer WBEZ, Chicago Ill.

Second place: “'Confidential' Records Can Haunt Kids Later” Linda Paul, Cate Cahan and Ken Davis WBEZ-FM, Chicago Public Media, Chicago, Ill.


2010 Awards

Associated Press Illinois /Indiana AHCW Lisagores Awards
Association of Health Care Journalists: Gabriel Spitzer, Cate Cahan, and Natalie Moore won second place in the national competition of the Association of Health Care Journalists in the radio division with their series "Twice as Deadly: Chicago's Race Gap in Breast Cancer."

National Headliner Awards: The Chicago Public Radio web team of Justin Kaufmann, Andrew Gill and Carrie Shepherd  took third place in the National Headliner Awards “Radio Affiliated Online Journalism” category with the multi-media feature “State of Your State

Woodstock Institute: On April 1, the Woodstock Institute will honor Chicago Public Radio with a Community Investment Award for the “Facing the Mortgage Crisis” series.  These awards honor “community leaders who have made significant contributions to the community investment field.”

Studs Terkel Community Media Award:   Natalie Moore is honored this year for her work in our South Side Bureau with a Studs Terkel Community Media Award.

Illinois Associated Press
Outstanding News Operation:
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, Chicago Public Radio Staff.

Best Newswriter:
Ashley Gross, WBEZ-FM, Chicago.  2nd Place: Robert Wildeboer, WBEZ-FM, Chicago.

Best Reporter:
2nd Place: Robert Wildeboer, WBEZ-FM, Chicago.
Best Investigative Series:
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Moldy Metropolis: Homeowners Struggle with Leaky Concrete," Ashley Gross, Cate Cahan.
Best Series/documentary:
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Where They Are, Why They're Gone: Three 9th Grade Dropouts," Linda Lutton, Sally Eisele
2nd Place: WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Facing the Mortgage Crisis," Ashley Gross, Adriene Hill, Cate Cahan.

Best Hard News Feature:
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Are Aldermen Taking It Easy on Carothers?" Sam Hudzik, Cate Cahan. 
2nd Place: WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "Money Collected by Cook County for Kids Not Going to Kids," Robert Wildeboer, Cate Cahan.  

Best Use of Sound:
WBEZ-FM, Chicago, "The NIU Community Reflects on 2008 Shootings," Carrie Shepherd, Aurora Aguilar.

Associated Press Indiana
Best Enterprise Story:
Michael Puente and Julia McEvoy win 1st place for “Clouds of Racism Threaten Valparaiso”.

Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism
Winner, Multimedia:
Fifty-fifty: The odds of graduating. WBEZ-FM/Chicago Public Radio, Linda Lutton, Natalie Moore, Julia McEvoy and Sally Eisele.

Runner-up, Audio:
Where They Are, Why They’re Gone: Three 9th grade dropouts," WBEZ-FM/Chicago Public Radio, Linda Lutton, Carlos Javier Ortiz and Sally Eisele.

First place for Series:
Fifty-Fifty, the Odds of Graduating. An award for the entire production team for the project, including Julia McEvoy, Linda Lutton, Natalie Moore, Aurora Aguilar and many others who helped contribute to this work.

First place for Public Affairs Program for Eight Forty-Eight.
This is an award for the broadcast hosted by Richard Steele at Robeson High School bringing teachers, students, administrators and parents together in a discussion about the drop out problem and solutions.

WBEZ-FM WBEZ Diversity Coverage

National Association of Black Journalists
Radio – Public Affairs, Program: Top 15 Market,
“Twice as Deadly: Chicago’s Race Gap in Breast Cancer Survival” Chicago Public Radio – WBEZ-FM Chicago, Gabriel Spitzer, Cate Cahan

Radio – Public Affairs, Interview/ Discussion: Top 15 Market
“Barbershop Welcomes Discussion of Youth Violence,” Chicago Public Radio – WBEZ-FM Chicago, Richard Steele, Eilee Heikenen-Weiss, Aurora Aguilar

Clarion Awards
Radio Regular Feature Story:
"The NIU Community Reflects on the 2008 Shootings," Chicago Public Radio Carrie Shepherd, Aurora Aguilar

Radio Documentary Series:
"Fifty-fifty: The Odds of Graduating," Chicago Public Radio, Linda Jutton, Julia McEvoy, Natalie Moore

Women's Issues Radio Program
"Twice as Deadly: Chicago’s Race Gap in Breast Cancer Survival" Chicago Public Radio,  Gabriel Spitzer,  Cate Cahan