Elections 2011: Dear Chicago

Chicago faces a historic decision this winter.

Now that Mayor Daley has announced his resignation, we’re pondering the future: who might take his place? What might his legacy be? How will the city be remade under a new Mayor? To explore the future of the city and the challenges that will face the new Mayor and a reconfigured City Council, WBEZ 91.5FM undertook an exciting Elections season in early 2011.  

As part of this election coverage, the Partnership Program launched a special production project to tap into the key relationships we have with our Partners and their relationships with the communities they serve. Using text, audio, video, and photographs, WBEZ profiled 15 individuals whose personal stories illustrate an issue or problem that city government can and should address. The goal is that, taken together, these stories will form a collective portrait of Chicago at this political, cultural, and economic juncture.  We're calling this series: Dear Chicago.

Through an invitation process, 21 institutional Partners contributed over 70 nominees, which were reviewed for participation in this project. Those who had nominees selected for inclusion are indicated below (*); Dear Chicago can be explored at wbez.org/dearchicago.

Nominations were received by the following Partners:
Access Living*
Affinity Community Services*
Argonne National Laboratory*
American Friends Service Committee*
Chicago Architecture Foundation*
Chicago Cultural Alliance*
Chicago Urban Art Society*
Community Media Workshop*
Culinary Historians of Chicago
Ellen Stone Belic Institute for the Study of Women & Gender in the Arts & Media
Fourth Presbyterian Church*
Hyde Park Art Center*
Illinois Humanities Council
Metropolitian Planning Council*
Museum of Contemporary Art
Neighborhood Writing Alliance*
Northeastern Illinois University*
Raven Foundation
Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies
UniVerse of Poetry
Young Chicago Authors