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Download the WBEZ app to your smartphone so you can listen anytime, anywhere to your favorite shows and podcasts.

iPhone & iPad and on Android Phones and Tablets

The all-new WBEZ app for iOS devices delivers the revolutionary rePlay feature which lets you go back in time and listen to shows for seven days after they air on the radio. It’s like having a whole week of WBEZ at your fingertips. And now catching up with your favorite WBEZ podcasts is easier than ever. Listen right from the app when you’re on the go—wherever you are, whenever you want.

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Our sister station Vocalo is available on iOS and Android devices. Amazing stories told each week from This American life available on iOS and Android devices.

Troubleshooting iOS

There are a couple of known issues with iOS 8 that can cause the audio to drop and to render the play button and controls inert (e.g. you tap play/pause and it doesn't restart the audio), most noticeably on the live audio stream. We believe the next release of iOS will addresses these issues, but in the interim here are two ways you can restore audio and audio control functionality in your app if you experience these issues:

  1. Move to a different Show Card in the rePlayer section or to Podcasts and start playback of any other audio item. Tap the Live On Air button to restart the live stream.
  2. Hard close the app. Double tap the home button and swipe the WBEZ app up. Tap the home button again and re-open the WBEZ app.

Troubleshooting Android

There is a known issue with Android that can affect playback controls. If your device goes to sleep while playing audio and a new show begins, your screen may not update correctly. If this happens, tap any Play button and your screen will update to the correct show.

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