Chicago Amplified

The flagship project of Chicago Public Media's Partnership Program, Chicago Amplified was created in 2006 to bring wider distribution to some of the most exciting and informative public programming happening throughout the Chicago region. Everyday there are lectures, conversations, panel discussions, forums, and other educational events taking place. These events inspire public discourse about a vast array of topics, from recent scientific discoveries and important issues of the day, to cultural connections and the importance of shared experience in both our personal and collective history. Chicago Amplified brings these events together to both increase access to this ongoing public discourse and encourage us all to join it.

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Today, Chicago Amplified is more than just an audio archive, serving as Chicago Public Media’s gateway to community voices and ideas, gathered through participation in public events and through original production for broadcast & web carried out in collaboration with station partners.   

In the Fall of 2010, WBEZ launched "Dynamic Range", a new podcast published to each weekendto showcase hidden gems unearthed from Chicago Amplified’s vast archive of public events. Listen as inspiring writers, daring chefs, groundbreaking artists, and newsworthy politicos take on an exciting variety of topics. Always fresh, always thought-provoking, these are conversations and stories you just have to hear.

In 2011, the National Center on Media Engagement selected Chicago Amplified as a "Story of Impact" showcasing the program.

Chicago Amplified is a Partner-based program. Each event appearing in the archive has been produced or sponsored by one of the Chicago Amplified Partners. If you would like to suggest an organization or institution for formal partnership in the Chicago Amplified program, be sure to include a description of the types of educational events hosted, including those scheduled as upcoming. Chicago Amplified Partners are selected annually. Partners have now been selected. Note: only organizations, not specific events, will be considered.

For more information, contact Membership at 312.948.4855.